The quality highlights us

Ver certificadoConcerning quality, FAYJSA is aware of market demands and needs of customers. Being so, it has a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM adapted to the requirements of the standard UNE-EN- ISO 9001/2000. The initial agreement (02 January 2001) has been renewed, according to the certificate Nº EC-1821/05 issued by LGAI Technological Center S.A., an entity of recognized prestige supported by ENAC.

Our quality department has also the specific regulation for each customer and adapts to the particularities of each case (For example, as for time of archive documentation, submission of samples, statistical studies, IMDS, etc.).

We are also committed to the fulfillment of the European regulation on issues related to environment (for example Directive 200-53-CE, Directive RoHS, REACH, etc.).

You can click on the logo to download our updated Applus certificate.

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